Cosmetic Dentistry in Brampton

Cosmetic Dentistry

Veneers are much like an artificial fingernail. They are paper thin and custom-made coverings that conceal the front and side surface of your tooth. If your teeth are stained, broken, or shaped in a way that is not pleasing to you, then you may want to consider veneers to restore your smile's beauty. Veneers are most often made from porcelain and fit precisely over your existing teeth. They are bonded in by resin which adheres to the back of the veneer and to the repaired tooth. Although veneers are thin coverings, they are extremely strong and durable and will generally not need to be replaced for many years. While they are not suitable for every patient, veneers are a cosmetic alternative for a variety of dental conditions of the front teeth including:

    • Spaces between your anterior teeth (Diastema)

    • Discolored teeth due to medication, general staining

    • Misaligned, rotated teeth

    • Minimal requirement of cutting teeth down severely - Free Canadian Business Advertising

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